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Opium Jazz | Where they live

Opium Jazz, is the brain child of Irish composer Ciarán Farrell. The project was conceived to accommodate the exploration of some different styles of music he was interested in experimenting with, outside of the classical music field he had predominantly worked within up to this point in time. He says, 'Whilst the music contains elements of  jazz, blues, and funk, it is not entirely restricted to these genres. There is room to manoeuvre, and space enough given to allow the music to settle onto it's own ground'. 

Ciarán Farrell has been active in his field for over twenty years. He has written music for orchestra, ensemble, and choir, alongside a substantial number of solo works, many of which are for guitar. He has received commissions from the BBC, RTÉ, C4 and Discovery, amongst others. In 2015 he was elected to Aosdána, Ireland's affiliation of creative artists.

'Stealing Beauty', was the first EP to be released under Farrell's Opium Jazz project title. He says, 'The name, 'Stealing Beauty', is reflective of how fleeting our 

thoughts, and experiences can be. And how, when something of beauty, a flash of inspiration, or a hidden treasure reveals itself to us, we are compelled to reach for it, and try to capture it'. 

'Willow', is the follow up EP to, 'Stealing Beauty', and completes this first installment of Opium Jazz releases.

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